The World’s Best Guide To Baby Travel


Wow – I wrote a book WHILE traveling… with a baby?

It’s all true, and you can read about how to maintain your physical, emotional, and intellectual sanity in this incredible guide.

I’m Sté, not only the proud mama of this book, but the proud mama of a very busy little boy with whom I traveled over 8.5 months in his first year of life alone.

Having a baby is totally front-loaded.  While there are some benefits to a lifeless “baby buddha” in your child’s first few months, they begin to get very needy, very mobile, and very hard to travel with… fast!

This book is the bible of baby travel. Filled with hilarious stories about real moms traveling with babies. Some have happy endings. Some end with moms almost being put in jail. Do yourself a favor and don’t step on a plane or rental car without this critical guide!


Sté and her sweet little traveler.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • What do I need? What don’t I need?
  • How can I travel safely, and most importantly, sanely?
  • Learn how to keep critical routines and which ones you can curb in order to have the best time.
  • Baby travel is a muscle. You exercise it the first time you go to the grocery store and master it with practice. How fun!
  • Learn about traveling internationally, choosing the right hotels, resorts, and rental homes. Learn what to pack, including special reports on baby monitors, car seats, and Baby Equipment Rental Companies. (Less luggage? Yes please!)
  • The airport guide makes booking, preparing, packing, arriving, and entertaining a baby on a plane easy.  I even include a secret trick for the lowest airline tickets that has been researched nationally by a major airline and proven to work.
  • Find Family-friendly Airports in the U.S. and abroad along with tips on when to board, as well as how to never get bored! Learn about in-flight emergencies and health risks you must know about.
  • Not ready to fly? No problem. The Happy Mom’s road trip guide will detail when to take road trips, how to keep children entertained, and a BONUS carseat guide is included.
  • For the caregiver on two feet versus four wheels, learn about which baby carriers are appropriate for your child at any age in any circumstance. Our Travel Stroller guide is the most comprehensive guide ever written!
  • Traveling by bus or train? Learn about how to avoid the hassles and ride easily for hours or days. This guide even details the US and International iconic train trips so that you can begin planning your trip!
  • Rental cars can be a luxury, or a lamentation you scorn for years to come. Not to mention expensive! Find shocking tricks for the lowest rates, best insurance, tollway and hidden fee avoidance, and a BONUS Comprehensive Guide to Rental Car Insurance.
  • When you arrive at your destination, learn about the Happy Mom’s tricks for FREE Babysitting Anywhere and finding trustworthy sitters.
  • The Happy Mom guides you through the ONLY toys you need (or can make in your hotel for FREE) for children up to 2 years.
  • Traveling is fun, but not when you’re sick. Learn about over a dozen common ailments and how to avoid or treat them on the road.
  • The Happy Mom used Baby Sign Language to give her baby more independence and happiness on the road.
  • Learn about the scams retailers and corporations try to pull on new moms and dads, as well as how to avoid this little-known AUTISM inducer. (It’s not what you think!)
  • The Happy Mom details everything you need to know about breast milk, formula, breastfeeding, your legal rights internationally, and how to obtain breastmilk if you aren’t producing. Read a comprehensive guide to breast pumps and pumping, as well as tricks to take up 400% LESS space in your luggage with these breast pump tips.
  • Don’t miss the Happy Mom’s guide to Making Dining out with Baby a Success. Who doesn’t want a happy baby while you devour local cuisine… especially the beverages?
  • Find out how one mom almost landed in jail with her crippling postpartum depression, and exactly how she bounced back with grace… and a rockin’ body to boot!
  • Learn how to devour books at a breakneck speed without taking time away from your little one with the Smart Mom’s Guide to brain food. (This is incredible!)
  • What Happy Mom doesn’t want to keep fit on the fly? Learn 10 easy fitness tips for the road warrior you can do with NO equipment ANYWHERE. Photos and demonstrations of these tips are included in the Happy Mom’s Guide.
  • No travel happens without some budgeting. This Happy Mom brings her certified financial background to budgeting for your dream vacation.

As a writer for the past 7 years, I’ve researched and written dozens of books but this is by far my favorite!

Grab a cup of tea and get ready to take the ride of your life.

Traveling with your baby can harvest some of the most incredible times of your life, and a way to really memorialize this fleeting time when he or she is more or less without opinions… and temper tantrums!

I can’t wait to hear about where Go Baby Go takes you and yours!


Sharing is Caring! :)