Stefani DeLuca, who is known as Sté by her friends, has spent the last seven years working as a ghostwriter, cookbook author, marketing consultant, director of a weight loss tea company, and currently is elated to be publishing books for women seeking health and wellness under the confines of mommy-hood.

Her first book, Go Baby Go, can be found on here.  It began as a series of hilarious letters and postcards to her friends about traveling with her infant son.

Over her son’s first two years, they spend over 365 days traveling to a variety of locales, some exotic and some very ordinary.  She finally sat down in 2016 to complete the world’s most comprehensive guide to baby travel and motherhood.

“The hardest trips,” Sté assures readers, “are the ones to the grocery stores or to go pickup takeout food with the baby.  Once you understand how to travel, planes, trains and automobiles become places of adventure and learning for the baby, and for you!”

Follow along here as Sté shares tips and tricks on healthy pregnancy, postpartum fitness, wellness, weight loss recipes, and countless book reviews.

Stefani loves to hear from her readers and looks forward to “meeting you”.  Email her directly at

Bon Voyage!