Hello!  Whew… teaching through blogging is fun but writing about myself is totally weird :-/

I’ll keep it short.

My name is Stephanie Hirsch.  I love books, popcorn, cool rocks, fitness, hiking in the mountains (an amalgamation of my love for rocks and fitness, I suppose), cooking and coffee… lots of coffee.  I’d be perfectly happy in an interminable line at a Wal-Mart surrounded by hundreds of grumpy shoppers as long as I have coffee in my hand, even if it’s weak and tepid.

Professionally, I’ve spent half of my career working in finance (yuck, not for me!), and the other half as a writer and marketing director.  I’ve been a non-fiction ghostwriter, written several cookbooksmarketing exec, CEO of a weight loss tea company, and blogger… with a heavy emphasis on the blogging!

My first travel & parenting book, Go Baby Go, can be found on Amazon.com here.  It began as a series of hilarious letters to my friends about traveling with my infant son.  It evolved into a behemoth guide that, literally, all moms should read before traveling anywhere with children up to age 2.

Over my son’s first two years, we spend over 365 days traveling.  I finally sat down in 2016 to complete the world’s most comprehensive guide to baby travel and motherhood.

This blog is a way for me to relay my vast experience as a traveling mommy as well as share my experiences on healthy pregnancy, postpartum, cooking healthy, fitnesseating disorder recovery, love-based feminism, and countless book reviews.  

I love to hear from my readers and invite you to comment on this blog or email me at Stephanie@momswearcapes.com 

Bon Voyage!

Stephanie Hirsch

January 2017

 Acclaim for Go Baby Go:

A Guide To Easy Baby Travel

Honestly, this book is full of so many helpful, clever tips for baby travel. Being a mom is one of the most difficult (yet, rewarding) jobs in the world. So anything that moms have learned along the way, should be shared with other moms. It is a quick, easy read. The author is insightful, and lighthearted within her writing. I would recomend it to moms that are always on the go (which is applicable to every mom)!
~ Sarah Robertson

I love how honest and relatable this book is. As a mom, we are all doing our best and this author comes across as very real and sincere. Her advice and experience have been very helpful to me in regards to vacation planning.
~ Diane Fehr

My wife read this book before traveling recently and now she swears by it! This was a lifesaver for both of us. I would recommend this book to all mothers.
~ Anthony Angelo

Great book. Very informative.
~ Mary Adams

Information that is a must have when traveling with infants and young children. Extremely well written with unexpected nuggets of knowledge.
~ Kathleen Casey

This book addresses literally *everything* that a momma needs to know about travel. It gave me reasonable expectations and great tips for travel, and it really alleviated my stress about traveling with my little one! So many people now seem to be cramming all of their travel into their “pre-baby” year for lots of “babymoons,” but Sté’s guidance allowed us to integrate it into our lives as parents — something that we seriously enjoy but which is also necessary for work. Love this book!!
~ Erin Jackson